The Melting Pot 2022

September 14, 2022

Hijack parting the green sea with his charisma. | Photo by Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim

The Return

The 808 Breakers are finally back at it again with one of Hawaii's most illest (but also hygenic) jams featuring the illustrious and notorious DJ FLEG to bring you good vibrations to your ear holes. This year, we bring back everything you loved about The Melting Pot two-fold, for all the time we lost with you guys during the pandemic. Along with our classic 2v2 battles, we show you what the island of Oahu has to offer including our Manoa Hike, Tantalus Picnic, Slippah Cypher, pre-parties, after-parties, after-after-parties, and other tropical shindigs. As you know, our jam is just not about the battles— we are here for the community and the comraderie, to bring each other together. We are here for you. Hang loose but keep those slippahs tight, this is the Melting Pot.

Skillroy (Left) and Leanskee (Right) take in the sunset glow at Tantalus. | Photo by Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim

Pre-heating The Oven

On the first day, Hijack took the reins and led us through the lush greenery of Manoa Falls. It had rained a small bit in the morning, but by the time we arrived in the parking lot, the sun had come out to bless the beginning of our venture. After taking a dip in the rejuvenating waters of the falls, we head back to grab some ono poke at Off The Hook for our sunset picnic at Tantalus. We close out the day with music and drinks at Encore Saloon where DJ Marcnado is serving up some fresh jams— warming people up for the heat that they are about to be exposed to tomorrow.

Sean of Massive Monkees throwing out some serious power. | Photo by Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim

The Jam

Get close and get loud— In Hawaii, everyone is your cousin, so share and enjoy the energy that the bboys and bgirls give while they throw down for the top spot of The Melting Pot. This year with the help of Red Bull, we were blessed with the amazing skill and curation of DJ Fleg to raise thy roof off of this humble establishment—and raised he did. Amongst our vendors we had Variable Hawaii, Jerry Berry Vintage and Hijack and Jamie's own Drip Coffee. On the mic, we had Bo, Alex, and Leighton to bring the hype. For our Kids' Battles, we had Web (Underground Flow), Samurai Jake (Concrete Zen) and Maka (Pineapple Pickerz/ Beat Rock Krew) as our judges. For the 2v2 BGIRL/BBOY Battles, we had M-Azing (Waikiki BBOYS), E.T. (Circle of Fire / Alien Natives) and JunOne (143 Liverpool St. Familia, Sasuke) electing our winners.

Here are the results

1v1 King Of The Hill 16 & Under: Sleepy Joe

2v2 BGIRL/BBOY: Alex Dang Da Don & Jeremy (Havikoro)

Cypher Sniper Award: Sara Rodriguez

Freshest Dressed Award: Jimbo "Shogun" Limpin

Alex and Jeremy are crowned the victors of Melting Pot 2022 | Photo by Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim
"The #1 thing I really love about the jam is that we build... everyone from other parts of the country—other parts of the state, comes to one spot and one area of the world and builds together... " -Alex Dang Da Don
Hyun Joon Kim celebrates his Slippah Cypher win at Kaimana Beach Park. | Photo by Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim

Another One

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Next we are taking it to Kaimana Beach Park for a BBQ Potluck and the infamous Slippah Cypher. With the main battles finished, now is a good time to truly relax and enjoy Hawaii. Friends and family come together to eat and dance without any stress of competition— all that matters is having fun. This year, we took the Slippah Cypher slightly closer to the actual beach—and because of that—a crowd started to gather to witness the mayhem. Everyone was involved, even Fleg threw a round—keeping those toes tight. After the sand had settled, Hyun Joon Kim was designated as the "Slippah Champ".

However, while we had our new Slippah Gladiator championed, another gauntlet was thrown. The subwoofers had drummed and The 808 Breakers were called upon to knight-in new muscle to their crew, and that muscle's name was Izumo. As tradition dictates, the contender must survive an aggressive wave of rounds thrown by the members of 808 in order to solidify the bond and become one. In the middle of the mix were MARCNADO, ARK, KARMA, HIJACK, BO, FUNKY T, MANA, YUBIN, LEVI, POGO, ATTACK, AYO, ARCTIC FOX, and MASTA MINCH, whilst this was going on, Austin was tending to another beast— The grill.

It was strenuous, it was crowded, it was nawtz.

The 808 Breakers devour their new member Izumo. | Photo By Taemin "Masta Minch" Kim
And It Don't Stop

You thought after a hike, picnic, jam, and beach party we were done? There's a phrase in Hawaii we use called "Hana Hou" which translates to one more time—and so as we wind down The Melting Pot, we hit Waimea Beach for one last get-together to reflect on the weekend. Oh also to jump off the rock. Chee.

Photo by Robert Lim

Written by Austin Alimbuyuguen

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