808 At Massive Monkees

May 31, 2022

The crew head to Seattle to meet up with Andrew and Leighton and to compete in the notorious Massive Monkees breakin' event.

The Firsts.

This was the first time that Mana & Levi [the latest inductees of 808] had competed with 808 Breakers as a crew. All the boys made it through prelims to compete in the following categories.

1v1 Footwork

2v2 Kids

3v3 Crew Battle

Spreading the Aloha

Here are the results. In 1v1 Footwork: Ark made it in Top 4 & Hijack made it into the Top 8. In the 3v3 Crew Battle: Mana, Hijack, & Ark made it to the Top 4.

Finally, in the Kids 2v2, Levi & Mana took home the gold.

Written by Austin Alimbuyuguen

(I wasn't there though.)

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