808 Breakers Receive Community Star Award

November 10, 2021

Starting from Scratches and Breaks

On Nov. 10th 2021, we were honored to receive the Community Star Award by none other than the legend Councilman Augie T along with Jamie & Jack for their efforts in Keiki Breaks. We got to talk with Augie a bit about how he used to dance a little back in high school. He thanked us for keeping the culture alive and changing the stigma that hip-hop used to have back in the day.

"When I was in high school, breaking had just started... I was always amazed at the guys that did it. What you guys are doing is not only perpetuating the art of breaking, but now you guys are using your skill to bring kids [together and do other things] besides [just] hanging out... and you guys are changing the community and keeping these kids engaged and doing [positive things]," Tulba told the crew. "That's why we do these things [community star awards] because it's so important that people get recognized for the good they're doing in the community and I am so honored as a representative and a civil servant that we get to feature guys like yourself that take the time out that not only show that breaking is more popular than when I was back in high school at Farrington, but you guys are doing it to make an impact in the community."

Jamie Ishii and Jack "Hijack" Rabanal founded Keiki Breaks in 2016 and now teach children ages 5 through 16. Jeff "Ark" Wong is a community mentor and has provided endless material for both children and members of the entire breaking scene. 808 Breakers host many community events to keep hip-hop and breaking alive while growing a future for Oahu's youth.

Cheee bradda.

Written by Austin Alimbuyuguen

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