Red Bull Cypher: Honolulu

May 14, 2022

Our crew members were fortunate enough to work alongside Red Bull to throw the Red Bull Cypher for Honolulu Hawaii. Our very own ARK was one the Judges alongside Mario and Neguin. Masta Minch was doing his thing on his camera, making sure to capture all the moments from the dancers and spectators. Marcnado was killing it at the afterparty; spinning some fresh tracks for everyone to get down to. On the mics — Bo and Hijack were leading the program and providing energy to the crowd. Hijack was also apart of the official Red Bull Local Heroes' Tour — teaching at the Red Bull workshops that took place before the competition.

PC: Red Bull Media House - Masta Minch

For the community

This event took place at Hawaii Aroma Caffe at the Waikīkī Beachcomber Hotel with the after party being held at the Skybox Taphouse. This is the first Red Bull Cypher event in Hawaii since 2015; which reflects on the attendance of this event. The community came out in full force — showing that Hip-hop is still thriving in Hawaii with plenty of dancers to throw down. Generations came together when the youth-focused group 808 Beat Surfers showcased a student-organized breakin' performance including

Minato, Rio1, Phoenix, Ijah, ManaBreaks, and YubinServed.

PC: Red Bull Media House - Masta Minch

"Looking back and reflecting on what this art form has done for me I start to appreciate my journey in this craft so much more. Amazing friends, a loving community, peace of mind and definitely some wild times. My life ain’t perfect but it’s these things that make it well worth it and it’s because of that I thank god every day that he put breaking in my life." - Maka

PC: Red Bull Media House - Masta Minch

Hometown Heroes

Hawaii's own B-Boy Maka took the crown at the event, facing off against B-Boy D-Menace in an adrenaline filled final. While Colombia's B-Girl Sara took the W against Ukraine's B-Girl Yana in an inspiring battle. Maka has a been a long standing and consistent force in Hawaii's breaking scene, making this a well-deserved and long time coming win. Yana is currently living in Oahu amidst the war currently shocking the world, she had only started breaking 3 months prior to this event. Both finalists of the B-Boy & B-Girl categories will be flown to Seattle for the North West Regional BC One Qualifier for a shot at the USA National Qualifier in Los Angeles.

Written By Austin Alimbuyuguen

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