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808 Breakers All Day - and sometimes All Night

Who we are

Award-winning breaking crew

We are an eclectic ʻohana comprised of dreamers, artists, movers, mentors, musicians, and servant-leaders committed to growing the space for hip-hop to thrive in the islands.

We believe that artistic expression and community development go hand in hand to form an essential need in the fast-paced world of today.

The world is a better place when our communities and youth have outlets to self-actualize as well as a space for our elders to serve and be recognized via arts, education, and events.

Formed in 2005, the "808 Breakers" name was created by Bboy Lo-Rock, who was one of the founding members along with-Justice (previously of L.A. Breakers ) and Mojo. Soon other popular, solo Bboys from Hawaii joined Bboy M-Azing, Ballistik, Pilau Styles, Drenz, Knock-Out and Juse Lee whom all helped to make The 808 Breakers one of the most popular Bboy crews in the Hawaii battle circuit.

Quickly rising to fame in 2005, the 808 Breakers were known as a strong team and were quickly becoming well known in their own right. All of the original founding members went on to pursue other ventures and avenues in life, which left the opportunity for one second generation memberBboy Solid— to create a new team of "808 Breakers" (Third Generation) with the vision to promote a clean healthy lifestyle though the art of Bboying.

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Our crew

Meet our crew

Jeff Wong
Jack Rabanal
emcee | teacher
BOaz rosen
emcee | DJ
camera specialist | aqua
Marc Ito
Austin Alimbuyuguen



Our Skills

We bring people together

Whether you need to get the party started or learn something new — the 808 Breakers can provide.

Need a fresh DJ? With Sound?
We can make some noise.

Need A Master of Ceremony? Two?
We'll bring the energy.

Need dancers?
We dabble a bit.


word on the beach

Jeff and his breaking program have provided passion, commitment and drive to my sons life in ways no other program or person has been able to do! Jeff's dance & teaching skill is amazing but goes beyond that to teach life skills all in the envelope of positivity & support for each other. He's producing solid dancers & people that will better this world. Highest of recommendation, he is one of those special people you hope to be lucky enough to run across in life!
Lori D. parent
Jeff Wong, a.k.a. Bboy Ark, is one of the best breakers and best teachers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He's professional, he's great with youth, and he knows his history. I've taught many workshops and classes through my work with HipHopForChange.org, and Ark is my first choice when it comes to teaching breakin!
malik D. teacher
Jeff is the most amazing dance teacher, mentor and human being! My 10 year old son started taking his classes 1.5 years ago and more  recently private lessons too. My son has learned so much from Jeff about dance, commitment, teamwork, and life. Jeff is an incredibly skilled dancer and instructor. Jeff is all about community and he is the kind of teacher who inspires kids to always keep striving for their goals. The kids have notebooks to write down their goals and there is follow through by Jeff at every step. My son was a shy quiet reserved boy when he first started dancing and now, he is a hard working, committed confident dancer who practices at home or in the studio almost everyday. He loves going to Jeff's classes and the open studio times. Thank you Jeff!
kim s. parent

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