A New Generation

March 21, 2022

The crew has yet again, locked down three more individuals to do their bidding. Introducing the latest and greatest faces to grace the Ohana:




The Aftermath.

Young & Fresh

On March 21st 2022, Ark and Hijack hath gathered thy young prodigies in order to test their mettle. The ritual began after dance class at Aloha Dance Sport; in attendance were the illustrious Oahu crew mates— ARK, HIJACK, AYO, MARCNADO, and BO SEPH. With the power invested, the gauntlet was thrown and their spirits were challenged.

"Welcome to 808. Welcome to 808. Welcome to 808." -Bo Seph

To be inducted into the crew, you must survive an endless volley of rounds hurled by the members present at the time. Although loveable and kind in nature, the members do not pull any punches— relentless and ruthless, they fire off round after round till the younguns' legs can function no more. However, they must tread carefully, for they were in the presence of parents.

It was hot. It was taxing. It was one mayjah rayjah.

Tradition & History

There are currently 34* members of 808 Breakers spread across 5 generations. 808 Breakers date back to 2005.

808 Breakers was founded by Mojo, Justice & LoRawk.

1st Gen - M-Azing, Juse-Lee, Knock-Out, Cadet, Pilau Styles, Ballistik.

2nd Gen - Solid, SoulRoc (Chad), RockMan

3rd Gen - Ark, Pathos, Red, Pogo, Attack, Dream, Shoyu, Formula

(2009) David, Funky-T, & Layne

(2010) Arctic Fox

4th Gen - (Late 2010) Hijack, Ayo, (2013) Karma, Boaz

(2017) Marc

(2019) Austin

(2021) Minch

5th Gen - Mana, Yubin, Levi.

Written by Austin Alimbuyuguen

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