Jordan Rull

How & When did you join 808 Breakers?


I met the 808ʻs at orientation for UH Mānoa. We vibed, I was called a fox, and I never looked back.

"Arctic Fox and Attack" Photo by: Jeff Wong

How did you get into dancing/breaking?

My cousin (Michael) - he brought me outside into his driveway and taught me how to do a turtle freeze.

Since then I've always been very interested in the mix of athleticism and expression.

What are some of your hobbies other than dancing?

Right now not dancing as much, so Itry to lift weights and run to keep kind of in shape.

Iʻve always tried to run/support video game communities with friends. Right now I have a very keen fascination in tabletop RPG's.

Photo by: Jeff Wong

Do you have any favorite movies, shows, or games?

Iʻm currently obsessed with the Cyberpunk universe, 2077, Edgerunners, and the tabletop.

Favorite music artists?

"Mr. Stern welcome to my dream" version of B-boy Attack.

What do you do now, currently in life?

Right now I collect and distribute biospecimens for research at a cancer center. Hoping to shift into radiology as a tech.

Would you like to impart any wisdom or any value that you believe in?

“Fail forward."

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